Dry sump pans

                   Dry sump pans

Our pans are custom "cast" and CNC'd to perfection.

There is no more need to cut up and weld stock pans.
This can be big hassle. The high Zinc content in the
aluminum, plus, the fact that it has been sitting,
absorbing oil for 20 years, does NOT make for a good

The pan sits as close to the crank as possible. Allowing
you to lower the motor as low as possible. Custom,
removable, windage tray for improved oil control.

Here are some pictures showing how much work goes into
these pans.  They are casted then CNC'd to the final product.

They will fit a 944, 944 turbo and 968.  They have turbo drains
installed on both sides of the pan. This way, you can relocate
the turbo to the passenger side of the car.

The pan features O-ring Boss fittings for a leak free design
and are machined to use factory gaskets.

The pan is very shallow and weighs 9.5lbs with fittings.  The
pans weighs 12.3lbs (as shown below)

The distance between the dry sump pan and the ground is 7
1/2", on a lowered car.

The factory pan to ground(on the same car) was 3".

With this pan, you can now lower the motor with out the pan
hitting the ground.