Custom Engineered Performance offers 4 levels of headwork. We can do a
rebuild or work in stages, all the way up to a  full race head.  

               Both 8v and 16 valve heads can done.

With each rebuild, we include a full build sheet and a before and after flow
sheet from our Super Flow 600 bench.

Our Stage I Head includes a full rebuild and some minor port work.

We also offer a stage I +, that includes Max porting with the stock sized

For an additional cost, We can upgrade any parts. We also offer a special
packaged price on race springs and Ti retainers.

Stage II is our full race 951 head. It has larger intake and custom exhaust
valves, valve seats,  race springs, Ti retainers and locks. It also receives
max porting.

Stage III is an N/A 944 head that is fitted with larger intake and exhaust
valves. It also more port work done to achieve maximum CFM.

16v head, please inquire. We now offer new Billet cams!

For an additional cost, we can do special coatings.  We can also convert
these heads to solid lifters.

Custom Engineered Performance can also engineer a camshaft for any
application. These are ground from new billet blanks, they are not welded
regrinds!  They come with full spec sheet and instructions.

To time these cams in, we can degree the key way or we can offer
adjustable cam gears.