Custom Engineered Performance
Not only can we provide you with engine, suspension, brakes and
chassis parts,  we can provide you with many custom "one off" CNC
machined parts.

If there are any specialty parts you would like built,  feel free to inquire.

We can take drawings and turn them into a reality.  If you can provide us
with a CAD or Solid Works drawing, We can get you a price on the
machine work.
Welcome to Custom Engineered Performance!

NEW!!!  - AOS Delete kits.  These include plugs, vacuum lines
and a remote oil fill tank.

NEW!!   - Cam gear covers for cars not running a distributor.

Just a few parts we offer - RHD headers with larger primary
tubes and Burns slip fit 4 into 1 collectors.  Borg Warner
extended tip turbo's, Tial products/turbo's , Billet spindles,
Billet uprights, center lock upgrades, Billet fuel rails
, Mahle
pistons for Alusil Bores
and more!

Link G4 storm and Extreme. Both feature a/f auto tune. The
Extreme features knock control.  See for

The Storm "Standard 944 turbo kit" features - terminated
harness, wasted spark, coil pack, plug wires, startup map and

The Extreme "standard 944 kit" with knock control, terminated
harness, wasted spark, coil pack, plug wires, injectors, startup
map and support.

Larger Custom head studs and extreme duty exhaust studs
are in stock.

We offer a dry sump pump and P/S pump bracket  that allows
you to run a dry sump, p/s and a/c. This is another first!  

While other vendors are copying, C.E.P is producing first class
race products.

Don't settle for cheap copies. C.E.P was the first to offer dry
sump products to the market. Race proven parts!

We sell every part you need to dry sump your engine. Custom brackets are
our specialty!